Savings & Investments

Do you want to see your hard earned money grow?

Make sure you know all your options before deciding how to invest your funds. OBN Financial Services can help with this.


Saving and Investing is an important part of planning for your future. You can save via:

  • Regular Savings Plan, or
  • Lump Sum Investment

There are 3 ways to invest your money:

  • Investment in the Markets
        Lodge your money with an Insurance Company who invest it in a unit fund.
        You have contol over your investment options, fund choice etc..
        1% government levy applicable wtih exit tax.
        Ongoing administration charges.
        Returns aim to be higher than offered by deposit accounts.
  • Demand Deposit Account 
        Access your money with 24 hours penalty free. 
        Variable rate of interest provided.
        Generally no fees other than DIRT (deposit interest retention tax)
  • Term Deposit Accounts
    Lodge your money with an institution for a fixed period.
        Fixed rate of interest provided, depending on the term chosen.
        No access to your money (some institutions allow 1 withdrawal up top a max of 10/20%)
        Generally no fees other than DIRT (deposit interest retention tax)

It is important that you understand how your money is invested and the risks attaching to these investments. Prior to investing in any product we will ask you to complete a risk questionnaire to determine your attitude to risk as measured using the ESMA rating system (European Securities and Markets Authority).