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Bond Markets, Bubbles and Tantrums


There’s an old saying (which I don’t subscribe to due to its crudeness!) that there are three roads to financial ruin – alcohol, gambling and women. The saying goes that alcohol is the most certain, gambling is the quickest and women is the most fun. The world has changed and there are now many more roads to financial ruin and some of them aren’t near as much fun as any of the above.

Anyone keeping even one eye on the investment markets in recent months will have seen headlines which declare that there is a bubble in bond prices and that it might be about to burst. So why would bond prices fall, is it likely to be severe and why should you care?

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Saving for a house? How to get your deposit together faster

The reduction in salaries over the past few years as well as the new mortgage rules mean that the task of getting a deposit for a house together is significantly more challenging than it used to be.

Given lower incomes due to the recession, a higher than previous tax burden as well as high rents in urban areas due to lack of supply, we estimate that even the most determined of savers would find it challenging to save €500 per month or €1,000 for a couple.

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