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Who’s Keeping Track of Your Pension Entitlements?

lost pension

I was thinking over lunch about writing another blog post and wondering what subject I might pick and on returning to my desk the answer was staring me in the face in the form of an email from a pension administration company which I have been corresponding with for the last six months.

At the beginning of August 2016 a client asked me to review his existing pensions and to make a long story short I have spent the last six months corresponding with this company in an effort to locate one of his pensions from an employer which he previously worked for. I’ve had to endure some very high minded rebukes from this company to the effect that I was wasting their time etc and in mid-November they told me that they weren’t willing to investigate the matter any further unless I was able to provide evidence that the pension was managed my them. Continue reading Who’s Keeping Track of Your Pension Entitlements?